Thursday, 25 June 2015

Creating with Inktense !!

Morning my lovelies !!!

Tracy here with a post for the 'A Sprinkle of Imagination' design team

Do you have art supplies that you purchased because you just 'had' to have them ???....... Come on, own up !!
I know I do....all those lovely supplies that I 'needed' desperately at the time and then have hardly if ever used since.....sometimes I think I could set up my own art store with the amount of unused arty loveliness!!!!

No more !!!! ( alright who am I kidding !!) but I've decided that I need to start using things that I buy, play and explore all these gorgeous new mediums, experiment and justify their purchase !!!

So this week I decided to get out my inktense pencils, which I'm ashamed to say I've had for approximately 3 years and only ever used the black 'tut tut'

I started by sketching in the basic outline of my girl, I didn't want to do anything too complicated, after all this was all about the pencils.....

The colours of the pencils are amazing and even though I only used a few colours the amount of depth I could get with them was great by adding more or less water or by using them direct to the page...

I used a thin black fine liner to add in some final sketchy details. 

I love how my girl turned out and I am in awe of these pencils. The colours are intense and they are super easy to use. 

Ok I'm off now to see what other purchases I can justify !!!

Have a fabulous day
Bright and painty hugs


  1. Fabulous Tracey. Love the colours and you are definitely not alone on the unused stuff issue! See you soon
    X catherine

  2. love, love love love LOVE THIS!!!!!

  3. She's adorable...and I love your comment "see what other purchases I can justify!" I do that every time I sit down to craft...I have no willpower when I see something new! LOL

  4. She is adorable! I have to say I am guilty as charged and you have inspired me to start sorting through my own "stash" lol. After I have done my next piece ;-)