Sunday, 5 July 2015

Old school New school !!!

Morning everyone. I'm here today with my post for the 'A sprinkle of imagination' design team

What better way to show you care than a hand painted birthday card ???

Like many of us I started out as a old school card maker and still possess lots of left over card blanks and envelopes which rarely see the light of day since I discovered my new mixed media passion.....

No more !!

I am on a mission at the moment to use up lots of old supplies that are gathering dust in drawers, cupboards, boxes and bags in every room in the house (yes I do have that much to use up !!) 

I used Dina's fabulous paints in lime and turquoise to create my background on a brown Kraft card scratching patterns into the wet paint with the end of my paint brush !!! (I always use Dina's brushes they are fabulous). I then allowed this to dry before roughly sketching out my flower. I painted the flower with Dina's magenta acrylic paint and allowed to dry. 

Once dry I used my fabulous Rranger Fudeballblack marker pen to add detail around my flower and to also add an outline to the painted area. Finally using it to write the word 'Thirty'
I added some further details with a white pen to finish off. 

Just for fun I decided to add a matching envelope design and repeated the processes and colours again on a smaller scale in the corner of the envelope. 

It's a long way from the cards I used to make in my 'card making' days but love that I can use my new found passion for paints and inks etc to take me back to my old school roots in a new school way !!! 

Thanks for stopping by today

Bright and painted hugs


  1. Fabulous as always Tracy and such a great idea. we could all do with having a supply of ready made cards
    X catherine

  2. So vibrant and pretty- nicely done.