Tuesday, 29 December 2015

DecoArt Winter Wonderland Challenge

Good morning all, hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and are looking forward to everything the new year will bring !!
It’s my turn today to take part in the DecoArt Winter Wonderland Challenge and what a fabulous challenge it is, using purple & blue hues to create a winter inspired piece. It’s cold here in London at the moment so it wasn’t too difficult to get inspiration for my design.


Step 1
I used two canvas boards for by substrate, 10x8 and 6x8 inches in diameter and covered the boards in the following media line colours using my fingers to mix the colours together….

Phthalo Turquoise

Cerulean Blue

Dioxazine Purple

Translucent White

Antiquing Cream – Patina Green


Step 2

Using the Media Line Modelling Paste and the following DecoArt Stencils, I added detail to each of the canvas boards with a palette knife…..


Large Stencil – French Living

Small Stencil – Doily


Step 3

Next I used the Media Line Crackle Paste and randomly spread this on to my smaller canvas board using my palette knife, putting it on in different thicknesses to allow for different degrees of crackle. This needs to be allowed to dry naturally and not with a heat gun.


Step 4

Using a brown distress pad and blending tool (vintage photo) I then went around the edge of both of my canvas boards and also rubbed a small amount over the raised stencil designs in places.


Step 5

Moving on and using the following Metallic Lustre Paste colours I went around both canvas boards and randomly added the luscious colours with my fingers to the edges and also onto the raised stencil designs……


Metallic Lustre – Majestic Purple

Metallic Lustre- Brilliant Turquoise

Metallic Lustre- Silver Spark

Step 6

I found this set of 6 plastic heart Christmas tree ornaments at a local supermarket for just a couple of pounds and thought they would be perfect for altering and knew one of them would be great for this project.


Step 7

I had some vintage tissue sewing patterns that I decided to use for collaging onto my heart, as I really liked the colour of the heart in the first place I did allow some of that colour to show through, however I could have just added more layers or used book paper if I wanted to completely cover it up.


Step 8

Next I took some more of the Media Line colours as listed below and added random colours to my heart in this layers still allowing the pattern of the tissue paper to shine through. I did this step using my fingers (I do love to get painty fingers, weird I know!!)…….


Metallic Silver

Quinacradone Magenta

Interference – Violet


Step 9

For the next step I have gone back in with my fabulous Metallic Lustres again, adding more colour to my heart randomly rubbing the colours over the heart with my fingers.


Step 10

I had some thin 22 gauge silver wire lying around on my table so decided to wrap some of this around my heart to give some additional interest, securing at the back with a dab of hot glue


Step 11

I have a huge collection costume jewellery, brooches, earrings, rings etc that I buy specifically for braking up and using for projects. This piece was a cheap brooch but has a nice vintage feel to it with a bit of sparkle so I removed the pin on the back and then attached to the heart with a large dollop of matte medium. Put to one side and allow to dry.


Step 12

Next I took one of the Tim Holtz Christmas Flash Cards, distressed all the edges, screwed it up, opened it out again and then inked the edges and across the card with the brown distress pad (vintage photo)


Step 13

Next I took my collaged heart and added some brown distress inking to that to make it look more aged.


Step 14

Using my hot glue gun I decided I wanted to create some icicles along the top of my small canvas board and also along the top of the flash card, this was so easy to do (I found it easiest to start at the bottom of the icicle and move the glue gun up towards the top of the board/card)


Step 15

Now it was time to start putting all the pieces together, I glued my small canvas board to the larger one making it central and then using matte medium glued my heart to the centre of my small canvas adding some fibres I found in my stash,  allowing to dry thoroughly.


Step 16 

I attached my flash card to the bottom of the small canvas board as well as some jewels and a metal piece I found in my stash using the matte medium and again let dry into place


Step 17

For the finishing touches I used some glitter glue and added it between the icicles and randomly on the rest of the small canvas board to give it some sparkle and glued on some small pearls.



I used a lot of techniques on this project that were completely new to me but I am absolutely thrilled with the result and will definitely be using them again.

What a great challenge DecoArt….., if you want to enter with a chance to win a fabulous prize then please follow the link below, create a project of any kind following the rules and you could be receiving yourself a lovely new year surprise !!!

Thanks for stopping by


Bright and painty hugs







Monday, 21 December 2015

Guest Designer &Tutorial for Ranger Ink !!!

Hi everyone
I am so excited today to be a featured guest designer for Ranger Ink.....yes you heard me right....me.....guest designer....Ranger Ink !!!

I can hardly believe it myself !!!

I've created a tutorial over on there blog for this fabulous butterfly canvas... Go check it out and leave me some lovely feedback, click on the link below to take you to their site.....

Bright and painty hugs