Monday, 5 December 2016

Wahoo !!! One Badass Workshops is back !!!

Good morning and welcome !!!

Oh my goodness my dear friends i am sooooo ridiculously excited to be here today sharing this fabulous news with you....

I am ecstatic to be able to tell you that for the 2nd year I will be 'teaching' in an amazing online course with some truly 'Badass' tutors which has been organised by the very talented Tiare Smith.

If you joined us last year you'll know we had a fabulous time and I'd love to see you there again and if you didn't...... Why not? Come and join's simply amazing !!!

Check out this video link to see what in store on this fabulous journey...

Some examples of my colourful style are shown below just to give you a taste....

I loooooves my bright colours and I promise that my lesson will be full of the brightest and most vibrant colours i can find. Learn my techniques, colour choices, favourite materials and mediums and join me to create a fabulously colourful Art Journal Page.

'One Badass Art Journal is starting on the 6th February 2017, the course will consist of tutorials from 14 amazing artists including 'little old me' sent to you weekly and at the end of the course you will have learnt some great tips, tricks and techniques and have created one truly 'Badass Journal' !!!!

I am truly ecstatic to be teaching amongst the talented teachers that Tiare has brought to you on the course and hope that you will join us all on this mega 'Badass' adventure together.

For more information or to sign up please click on the link below and show me some love.......

*****REGISTRATION OPENS NOW so what are you waiting for.....
Yes please i want to create 'One Badass Art Journal' SIGN ME UP or TELL ME MORE plus if you use the limited code URBADASS at checkout you can get an early bird 15% the cost of the course so what are you waiting for ??? check it out and sign up today and ill see you there!!!


  1. Super excited to be taking this BADASS journey with you Tracy!!

  2. I am excited as well, love your colours and looking forward to connecting!!

  3. I love all the color!! What a cool class!

  4. All the colour looks so wonderful.

  5. Simply stunning! I struggle with colors like this!

  6. Way to go, Tracy!! Sounds like a super fun workshop. Look at all the talented instructors!

  7. I have followed your work for so long and it's wonderful to see you in the line up with all these other fabulous artists. Looks like an amazing workshop. Love that you are about COLOR!!!!

  8. What gorgeous art! Those colours are wonderful. This definitely looks like fun. Thanks for being part of this blog hop and give-away!

  9. Your work is very appealing- a great addition to the series. Hoping to join you!

  10. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !